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No Sleep

Dead on my feet
I walk through the night like a zombie
Wherever I turn
Your face, like a stone, crashes on me

I can't close my eyes for a rest
Cause that's when my dreams manifest

I wander the town
And stumble from shadow to shadow
Across from your house
I stare at the light in the window

Alone in the cold and the wind
These thoughts got my head in a spin

I'll never sleep
If I have to dream
If I have to dream about you
I can't close my eyes
Because it reminds
Because it reminds me about you

I'll never go back home
Till I can sleep alone
Dead on my feet
Can't go to sleep

I lie to myself
Pretend you no longer control me
Unravel my mind from image of you
And maybe free me

Can't think of where to begin
Maybe by doing you in


These crazy thoughts of you
They've got my mind polluted
I don't know what to do
It's all so convoluted



Same Time Next Week

First time I saw you
It seemed crystal clear
I wouldn't be running again
You told me the things that I wanted to hear
You said I had nothing to fear

Same time next week 
In the daytime
I'm gonna be running again
Same time next week 
I can't take it
You've been playing with my heart again
Same time next week
In the daytime
I'm gonna be running again
Same time next week
You'll be out of the picture

Next time I saw you
You were looking away
I said what's on your mind
Answers you gave me had nothing to say
What games are you trying to play


Last time I saw you
There were tears on your face
But I wouldn't be drying your eyes
Pain isn't something your lies can erase
I gotta get out of this place



Thin Skin

No fun intended
You're as amusing as a bare white wall
Always offended
Better off saying nothing at all
I'm good at speaking my mind but
I really wonder if there's any hope
So I'm keeping my mouth shut
Before you stuff it with a bar of soap

Such a thin, thin skin
You're the only one who isn't laughing
It's gonna do you in
Smilin's no sin so you'd better begin

Mouth like a preacher
Another lesson every time you talk
No one can reach you
Your mind is loaded like a concrete block
I'd really like to listen
But you're a record and the needle's broke
I know what I'm missing
It isn't funny but it's such a joke


You pull the wool over
But I can see right through

It's a fatal distraction
Always telling people what to do
It's your over-reaction
A different story when it comes to you
You never wanna believe it
Think you're living it beyond a doubt
I call when I see it
Learn to take it like you dish it out



Wrong Train

Riding under the rails again 
Down tight and paper thin 
I don't care about anything 
As long as I'm moving 

Afraid to pass from the tracks again 
Check my shoulder, my back's to the wind 
Better than playing dead 
Better keep moving 

Hanging on too long on the wrong train 
I look for signs, directions change 
Dreams and memories all look the same 
Hanging on too long on the wrong train 

Scrape the rust from my nails again 
In so deep from hanging on 
Knuckle-white to the very bone 
My grip is losing 

I hold my dreams in my hands again 
Bright as gold, I pull them in 
Do I let go in time to spend 
Or do I keep moving 


I'm hanging on 
And I know 
I've gotta let go



Another Lonely Rain

Silent is the moment
Looking out of my window
Slowly the wind's rearranging
The direction my mind goes

A blanket of gray covers over the day
On a world devoid of emotion
I wish the clouds could hide how I'm feeling inside
I'm carried away by the notion

Another lonely rain falls silent again
Like tears on my window
Another lonely day disappears into gray

Lonely is the feeling
When the sky starts crying
Only me and a memory
Getting lost without trying

I think of my days, how they're drifting away
At a pace a little too frightening
If only the rain could bring them to me again
I turn to face the thunder and lightning


All the dreams I've been saving
Now they're all washing away
Like so many tear drops
It's just another lonely rain

So long I've been thinking
Getting on beyond midnight
Remember a face from the distance
How she looked in the moonlight

I stare at the sky and I wonder why
I never realized she was a treasure
A man all alone can never feel at home
In a world of infinite measure



Don't Wanna Talk

Getting tired of hearing the same old talk
Can't budge an opinion as hard as rock
Hard to avoid the situation
Making a meal out of my frustration

Don't wanna talk anymore
There's nothing I want to say
Don't wanna talk anymore
Just locking it all away

The things you're saying to me just don't seem right
If I raise an objection you give me a fight
Just throw up my arms and walk away
It's another tomorrow just like today

Can't tell you 'bout anything to your face
Doesn't do any good and it's not my place
Trying so hard not to get upset
Don't want to say something I might regret



She Lies Down

She drives around
Thinks of leaving town
Pretend she's someone new
But there's something about him attracts
Keeps her coming back
It tears her heart in two

She thinks back
Nothing figures white or black
She slips into the gray
Just a silhouette of a kid
Breathed in every word he said
But now she suffocates

She draws deep
But every breath is poison
Poison it burns right through
She draws deep
But every breath is poison
Poison through and through

She looks down
Her feet don't touch the ground
She wants to fly away
Leave behind the things that she's done
Burn up in the sun
Disappear in space

And like that
Her memories turn to poison
Poison it burns right through
She looks back
Her memories turn to poison
Poison through and through

She lies down
His arm wraps around
She thinks "Oh god, not tonight"
She can still remember the slap
Best forget about that
Pretend that everything's all right

And at night
Her dreams all turn to poison
Poison it burns right through
And at night
Her dreams all turn to poison
Poison through and through



Wall of Dreams

Sunlight I see outside my bedroom window
Shines down on someone else's day
So tired I shove my head beneath the pillow
Close my eyes again and dream I fade away

Dark pictures creep into my daytime vision
Leave me with nothing good to say
So cruel I don't need any other reason
To pull the curtain down and look the other way

Meet me
In a dream
Where we can be
What we want to be

To be king of everyone who walks before me
To be child without responsibility
To be lover holding hands and sharing sweet caresses
To be alive again inspired by what I see


Take me where I can always live forever
Meet me behind a wall of dreams
No lines between what's real and what's imagined
Leave me in this place where nothing's as it seems

Meet me behind a wall a of dreams



Land of the Setting Sun

The lights went out, so long ago
I remember the night fell like a hammer blow
No more visions or golden dreams
Oh lord don't let this be my destiny

Taste of panic, on the lips
Crazy people talking about apocalypse
Begging mercy, what to do
Pointing fingers, gonna get you too

Land of the setting sun
The darkness covers everyone
You can hide or try to run
But it won't be long

Everybody, ill at ease
Looking back and making their apologies
Trying hard to find some peace
Put their hearts and minds in a deep freeze

It won't be long
Until the light comes
I'll be holding on
It won't be long

Tired faces, look of defeat
Frightened people wander up and down the street
Shouting voices, shaking fists
Saying, "What country do you think this is?"


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